bake sale

I was headed to my meeting on campus today. There was live music at Malcolm X Plaza and tables set up all over the place for some sort of Multicultural AIDS Awareness day. It was a warm beautiful sunny day and I love it when there's live music on campus. As I got closer to the action I noticed the College Republicans club had a booth. I remember, they had some posters advertising their presence yesterday. They decided to be funny and host an "Illegal Immigrant Bake Sale" staffed by the privileged white boys in the club (and one very confused Asian kid). The ad read "legal immigrants $1.00, illegal immigrants - free." Ah, very funny. Free baked goods/free ride for illegal immigrants. I get it. I wanted to jump over the table and go apeshit on those Abercrombie wearing motherf*ckers but I noticed that there were many students peacefully holding up signs supporting immigration. They stood side by side quietly and effectively blocked the booth from plain view. The sight of those students demonstrating by standing in front of the Republican booth warmed my heart.

In other campus news, my school's president had 10 students suspended for protesting military recruitment on our campus. What kind of message is that sending?

I'm glad to see social activism alive and well here. I don't think I witnessed this much protest back at Simon Fraser. I definitely never saw the police called in to physically "mediate" conflicting groups like I have here on several occasions.

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Junebug said...

That would have sent me totally apeshit too! Every day I'm astounded by the sheer ignorance there is out there. Good thing there are more calm and temperate folks out there sending out the RIGHT message in a more peaceful manner (i.e. an alternative to my confrontational ways).