So now that I'm out of that hotel and any weirdos reading this cannot come to stalk me, I'll reveal that the place I stayed at the last few days was the Travelodge. What a DUMP. I will never stay at at a Travelodge again if I can afford not to. My minimum requirement is no dark nasty stains on stuff like lampshades and chairs. Thank goodness for the nice leather seats, fireplace, flat screen TV, and free Wifi at the QFC grocery store in the U-District or I would've had to spend my evening hours at that Travelodge trying not to touch anything. Ugh.

Anyways, yesterday Jane and Joe came all the way down from Vancouver to pick me up. I took them on a campus tour and then we headed downtown to do some shopping. I took them out for seafood at Elliots Oyster House at Pike Place Market and then we made the long haul back to Vancouver stopping only for a flat of beer at the Duty Free. Apparently a $17 flat at Duty Free costs about $40 in Canada because of our liquor taxes. I've almost forgotten about that since we get our liquor ghetto style from the bargain bin at Albertsons.

I'm home now catching up on email and hoping to get some work done and will head back out in a couple hours to meet my friends new baby nephew, go for dinner in Yaletown and drinks at a lounge down there somewhere. And dammit I brought the rain back to Vancouver (again).

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Egan said...

Yes, I knew that was the hotel. It's a complete shithole. I wish I knew ahead of time that's where you were staying. I would have advised against that place.

The quarter system definitely does have some advantages. Quarters do pass quickly so if have a required class you aren't so keen on, don't fret. That's just my thought is all.