bullet update

So I got a bunch of comments/IMs/emails from friends who have been considering the Magic Bullet but didn't want to buy one until someone else recommended it. *hi Dan, I didn't know you still read this :) *

Well here's the update. On the weekend Simon put all the pieces in the dishwasher and threw out the box. Wasn't until yesterday that one of us found the time to try it. I wanted to make cheese cauliflower soup and thought it would be a quick way to grate the cheese. Well, I'm sad to report the damn blades didn't even turn. Not even one revolution. I'm sure it's due to my bad luck that we got a defective one. So now what? I found the receipt in my purse (Simon you're so lucky I always hang onto them for a few days) but we have no box for it anymore. So we need to (1) get someone else's box (2) try and return it to Target sans box. Pain in the ass. I also have a semi-functional desktop computer and PDA, a broken IR keyboard, and busted speaker in my car. Things that require a battery or power cord always break on me. I should just become ahmish.


Robyn said...

i heard the Magic Bullet only works if you fill it up all the way. So like if you only want to make a little smoothie or something it's not good for that.

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whatupwilly said...

i got elena a magic bullet a while ago (straight off the infomercial) and it worked great. sorbet, dips, spaghetti sauce. yum yum