smokey smoke

If you were driving home to San Mateo/Foster City at around 5pm and saw a LOT of smoke and wondered if your house was on fire. Here's why:

"A grass fire near a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. substation in San Mateo has not damaged any PG&E equipment, but more than 6,000 residents are without power, a PG&E spokesman said today... (skipping to the good part)...golf course lost power...and she could see plumes of black smoke coming from the area of the fire. The pro shop and restaurant are closed due to the power outage, but golfers are still out on the course. " (more)

I was kinda shitting my pants as I drove closer and closer to the smoke, seriously wondering if my place was on fire. If I were out playing golf when the explosion went off and grey smoke filled the air, gee I dunno, I wouldn't shrug my shoulders and tee up my next shot. It's been 2.5 hours and the air seems to finally be clearing up. Yuck did it ever stink.

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Ben said...

I notice that some people tend to shrug off such warnings even in the office, or at school. Like when the fire alarm goes off, everyone goes and sends their last email, or finishes reading the article they were browsing, collects their 150-most-favourite-things-that-they-just-must-bring-with-them, and moseys on outside. But not before stopping along a few other offices to gather their coworkers to head outside, and maybe stop by for a glass of water in the kitchen first.

Those people should get a little bit burnt in one incident. Then you can be sure the next time they hear that alarm, they're heading outside immediately like their ass is on fire.