my global village

McLuhan coined the term "global village" long before the Internet became available for consumer use but boy is it ever applicable now. So Simon went to a wedding on Saturday in TO that I did not attend. He had rsvp'd himself plus "guest", not knowing who he might bring. I didn't know he was planning on finding himself a date, but that's another story. So anyways he showed up at this beautiful wedding at Casa Loma for a friend from York and finds my placecard on the table with my name spelled perfectly. He asked around and finally figured it out. Natasha now dating his friend Sheldon had stumbled across my blog somehow because I am linked to Ben K who is linked to Mike P whom she once dated. She must've seen pics of Simon and I and Sheldon must've recognized Simon in them. *waving hi to Sheldon and Natasha* Now I understand that blog she wrote (which I can't find) tracing the degrees of separation. I didn't understand at the time the significance of the linkage. Anyways, hope you guys are still reading and hope to meet you in person in the near future.


Shaky Jake said...

I went to a wedding at Casa Loma yesterday :) Mike Lee and Livia Lau. I wonder if we're talking about the same wedding.

Van said...

That would be way too much of a coincidence :) it was the Salvagna wedding on Saturday. Off by one day