just say hi

OK Mr. Sheldon, Simon's friend, I wrote a blog almost exclusively for you (below). I know you (or perhaps someone else at your company) is reading this. Don't be shy say hi!

Gotta love sitemeter. I also wonder who, on Shaw Cable (isn't that just in BC?), made 26 page views at 5:08am PST yesterday. My blog couldn't possibly be that interesting. And who are these faithful and devoted readers of mine from Abgenix, Nesbitt Burns, Aqueduct, and E2Open? I love lurkers. I'm a lurker myself on many blogs. C'mon, you can do it, leave a comment! I'm always curious if some of my readers are people who actually know me from a long time ago or something. If not that's ok too. If people didn't read, what would be the point of blogging anyways?


Anonymous said...

Damn sitemeter, I've been found out!

Kidding, been meaning to say hi, but |insert lame excuse here|. :D

Nevertheless, hi Vanessa! Sorry you couldn't make it to the wedding, don't know if Si mentioned especially how sorry I was when I greeted him and his guest at the church.

Anyway, love the blog, hope we run into each other soon.

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm a recent lurker and we don't know each other. your site caught my attention because of the layout.


Anonymous said...

hi van its jason, yeah, you know, that one. noooo, THAT one. no, no no ... it's Me. ME! over here! nevermind ... i've been lurking around your sites ever since i discovered ryze 22 months ago.

prayforsnow said...


Ben said...

I'm a lurker too -- the kind that waits for you to get frustrated and leave the slot machine, so I can swoop in for the jackpot immediately after you're gone. Except ... in a blog way. I hang around waiting for you to blog again, and as soon as you've published and left to do other things, I swoop in and read what you have to say.

And I HAVE met you in person. You are very nice. I like you. But not in THAT way. In a nice way. The kind that helps me buy my Powerbook G4, and that, my friend, is the very best "nice way". :-)

Van said...

woohoo, so it's true, ask and you shall receive. Thanks for saying hi everyone! and Yenly, I'm going to go lurk on your site now :) thanks again loyal readers!

Tashiwa said...

Me too, me too!
Hi Van,
Too bad we didn't meet you at the wedding, but I'll send you the linky to pictures of what you missed including a smashing photo of our men in tuxes.
Fellow ex-Vancouverite,
Tasha :)

densetsu said...

aww, can i get some lurker love too? btw, statcounter is IMHO better than sitemeter, except for the "who's online now" feature :)

tine said...

i second that for statcounter! don't you love stalking your stalkers? LOL =P

Anonymous said...


hmm..not sure if this comment came too late. Just want to say hi and claim my spot on your Lurkers list. I read your blog whenever i have free time at work (which you would noticed that i got a lot). Anyways..keep on blogging. =D

Virg aka HG's gf