not quite zen

Woke up this morning to the sound of a massive downpour. It hasn't rained here in months, literally, and it had to rain the day of the Morrissey/Tears for Fears concert at Golden Gate park. Luckily it cleared up and it was shockingly sunny and warm in the city. But on the way up I get a call and find out that the main reason for my attending the concert, Morrissey, had cancelled. Laryngitis, which in rock star speak is synonomous with bad hangover in my opinion, was his excuse. They were offering refunds online but we were already on our way up and it was turning out to be a beautiful day. Found parking and got a nice spot on the grass to sit down. First set was some guy named Howie Day who was mediocre, then Dashboard Confessional who are apparently a big hit with the middle school crowd (bunch of them sitting next to us who left after the Dashboard performance before Tears for Fears even came on). Public displays of affection must be some status thing among 14-year-olds because there were a couple of them who couldn't stop making out. Tears for Fears finally came on but only performed about 5 or 6 songs, one after another hardly taking a moment to address the crowd. It seemed like they were not too into their performance but, hey, we saw Tears for Fears probably for the last time. Got back to the car and found a hefty parking ticket. We thought we were parked in front of the no stopping sign in the 3 hour parking zone but apparently there was another no stopping sign in front of my car, bent 90 degrees and facing the street so we didn't see it. I wish I had a camera to take a pic and contest the ticket but I didn't and it would probably cost me $10 and a headache to go back to that very spot to get a picture. Just my bad luck I guess. Oh well at least the weather turned out nice and I got a couple tops from some vendor for $5 a piece. Oh and BBQ chicken was a buck a skewer on the way out too (sorry Shannph, they lowered the price again after you bought yours :)


Shaky Jake said...

Maybe Morrissey cancelled because he had a thorn in his side.

Now there's a guy I would've killed to see about 10 years ago. It's a shame he's not with the Smiths anymore. They pumped out some of the best tunes.

My favourites were "This Charming Man" and "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.

ceaz said...

I never listened to Morrissey or Tears for Fears back in the day. Sounds like you all had fun tho.. I was studying at the library all afternoon. :(

Van said...

Ceaz, that's cuz you were using your photographic lyric memory to absorb all the lyrics from every dance, hip hop and R&B song created between 1989 to 1999. :) I am still in disbelief that you know the lyrics to C+C Music Factory songs to this day.