I'm one of those lucky Asians who *usually* doesn't turn too red from drinking, or at least not with just a couple drinks. I do however get blood shot eyes that makes it look like I smoked a fat J all by myself. I sometimes also get a little asthmatic from red wine and hard alcohol on an empty stomach (a bad idea altogether anyways). Does anyone else get that?. From what I hear, some people go "blind" or get whited out vision from drinking even though they don't feel intoxicated. Those are the folks who typically claim to be allergic to alcohol. I've heard that Reactine (available OTC in Canada) or other allergy meds before drinking does well for that and Pepcid works for reducing the flushing (but H2 blockers in Pepcid cause you to get drunk faster). Want more info? Check out echeng's blog and comments. Never seen so many comments on a personal blog, much less seemingly educated responses to the question about how to reduce the Asian drinking curse, i.e. turning bright red on a few sips. Hooray for medical science and blogs!

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