For those who live in SF and have collected a pile of parking tickets you'd rather not pay for, you can actually choose to "work off" your tickets through volunteer work that amounts to $6 per hour toward your fine. Check out this article. Unfortunately it's a bit of a hassle to do this according to the SFgov site which states:
To sign up for Project 20 you must first go to 1380 Howard Street, 1st Floor,
Monday - Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. After signing a contract outlining
terms and amounts, you will be sent to the Project 20 offices on 7th Street,
near the Hall of Justice. Project 20 will charge an administrative fee.
Community service and payment plans are not an option if your vehicle has been
booted or towed and you are trying to reclaim it.
If you don't live in the city, it'll prolly cost you a bit of money to pay for gas to get to Howard St. then a few more bucks in parking to go into the office to sign the contract. Then for a $50 ticket you'd have to work over 8 hours. I think it'd only be worthwhile if it's not a huge inconvenience to get to this office and you were planning to do volunteer work anyways. Damn.


Ben said...

"Project 20 will charge an administrative fee."

So for a $50 ticket, they might charge you money on top of that, which presumably would add to your hours (or keep your hours the same and just cost you money). I suppose if you're really stuck for ticket money, you'd do it.

What KIND of volunteer work? Like working at a needle exchange place? Or picking garbage from the streets? Or convincing gang members not to tag buildings?

Van said...

there's a whole bunch of organizations to work for. SF Intl Asian American Film Fest was one of them.