in suburbia

In Vancouver I always wanted to move downtown, perhaps Yaletown or by English Bay. But never have I had the desire to move into San Francisco. Traffic is horrendous, parking (at home) costs an additional $250-$350 per month or you can endure looking for street parking every evening just so you can go home, and there's various big city issues like homelessness and crime. I like living 25-30 minutes out in a city that looks like Pleasantville, where I have easy access to parking (at home and elsewhere), big stores like Target, Ranch99 and Costco, and I can leave my car door unlocked (usually by accident) without anything getting stolen. What sucks though is that there are about a million young families in my area. I never really understood the appeal of adult-only condos/apartment blocks but I certainly do now. There is always some kid screaming in my neighourhood and some parent screaming back. Our pool on weekends is literally exploding with children. I want to have kids of my own someday, and I actually spent about 6 years working with kids, but having them in my home environment is really fucking annoying. Even better, Foster City High School is being built directly across the street. The only thing worse than screaming children is loud punk ass teenagers.


ceaz said...

Move to Bridgepointe. :D

Anonymous said...

although am not anywhere near Canada or SF, I agree on your points on kids and hormonally-charged teenagers.

what's ironic is that we've been there before too, i.e, being kids and (punk ass) teenagers.

Ben said...

I actually don't mind the sound of kids playing in the pool of the complex (which is literally just outside my balcony door). I like the sound of two kids playing. I like the sound of three or four kids happily playing. Heck, it's a big pool, maybe five or six are okay. But a frickin' birthday party of kids and their parents, and the screaming and crying and scolding that ensues when the pool population reaches that critical mass? No thanks.

Ah, but it's true. One day some time ago, we were once those children. And we were once those loud punk ass teenagers too. And alas, one day, we will be those parents screaming at the top of our lungs trying to keep a 6-year-old in check while sadistically spanking them in the middle of the pool.

Or the supermarket. I seen it.

tine said...

It's pretty to live across the street from a park with a big empty field. However, with that pretty view is this playground which seems like it's right below my window (that I usually keep open). All summer, all I heard were kids screaming and playing (the equivalence of 'Marco!'...'Polo!'). Thank gawd school started. Now, all I get are kids playing at 8am on Sat. morning.. shouldn't they be watching Sat. morning cartoons?

head dump said...

Let's try screaming kids in the backyard of your neighbours house which your window faces. Or a business call the father decides to make while his kid is screaming next to him. I think he might have been blurting out his credit card number too, but I was too sleepy to write it down.