Boo the Rose & Crown Pub and John Squires

After John Squires told a number of Asian fetish and other racially controversial jokes at the Rose and Crown Pub in Palo Alto Monday, an Asian American woman in the audience got a little uncomfortable and at the end of the show she asked the manager for the contact info for the comedian. The manager got defensive and snatched the flyer out of her hand and refused to "agree to disagree" on what's appropriate comedic material. Then according to Sandra Chen, it "escalated into verbal sniping until other patrons started bullying me to shut up or get out. "

I wasn't there to hear the content of the material for myself but Asian fetishism alone annoys the hell out of me. What bothered me more was the reaction of the manager to a simple request for information and constructive feedback. The woman was a customer after all. You should at least respect carefully articulated non-aggressive feedback, not turn around and rally the white customers to help in bullying her.

This I would not expect in the Stanford University area but it happened. Read more...

So what to do about it? Well bad press is sometimes good publicity for them nonetheless. I'm just going to boycott the bar and comedian and hope you pass this on.

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