not long enough weekend

First off I have to comment that blogger is really freakin slow lately. I wonder what they're up to behind the scenes. It took forever for me to comment on Ben's blog just now and forever again to reach the "create new post" page.

Anyways, I'm all confused because today is actually Tuesday and I keep forgetting what the hell is going on. I don't have the mental capacity to deal with the week after long weekend. A weekend which was a lot of fun by the way. Hmm let's see, RX Gallery, 111 Minna (11 year bday party, free cover yay), BBQ at Christines, long walk to Stinger where the jackass at the door wouldn't let us in cuz the guys were wearing shorts and wouldnt let me call the owner, beer at Entertainer pool hall on El Camino, Millbrae art and wine fest, lots of swimming, and Christopher Lawrence at Mezzanine (Spundae). I am now pooped.

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ceaz said...

Wow you had an eventful weekend. Now let me think about what I did this weekend.. Went to Gilroy for some shopping after work on Friday. Ran a bunch of errands on Saturday, had dinner in the city and was hoping to meet up with everyone that night.. Sunday, slept in and went to Santa Cruz for the day and Monday was a day of laundry, cleaning and studying. It was too hot! How was RX Gallery?