return of dragon lady

This time she's not hot. Nip Tuck this week dealt with some reject of a plastic surgeon who lost his license because of his addiction to laughing gas or whatever it is that comes out of that thing he's inhaling. He meets some crazy middle aged Asian woman with a heavy accent who whips him into shape by helping him set up a plastic surgery "chop shop" and booking appointments for him so he can continue to perform surgery while high. After he accidentally kills some lady that he's performing lyposuction on, the evil Asian woman orders him to cut her body up into pieces so they could more easily dispose of it. Add this character to the dumb China doll on LAX and it looks like we're off to a great start this season. After watching the Emmys and seeing no minority women among the winning directors, producers and writers, I can understand why old stereotypes just keep resurfacing. Good thing screenwriting as a career was just a passing thought and not something I really tried to get into because I bet would've just ended up depressed and flipping burgers at McD's.

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