complaining and stuff

First off, thanks to the lurkers for saying hello on my last blog entry's comments. It's always nice to be able to say hello to you guys directly. Trust me, it's not like I don't know people are reading my shit. If I wanted to blog to nobody, I wouldn't list myself on Rice Bowl Journals. Actually, if I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself I wouldn't blog at all. But I have too much stuff in my head not to dump it all on this here web site. It's cathartic for me, kinda like cleaning the apartment and yelling profanities when no one is home.

Anyways, that's not the topic of this entry. Today I was going to bitch about Comcast. My cable was out yesterday from about 7am to 1:30pm. I called to complain and they told me it was a known issue they were working on. Usually it takes 2-4 hours to take care of such known issues the kind lady said. Well it was out for longer than that and it really messed with my plans to get some reading done. Reading that I needed to retrieve from my library's web site now that pretty much everything in universities these days is online. Then I thought, what if I were an entrepreneur who worked from home and had a serious deadline to meet and Comcast was the only thing preventing me from getting my shit done? I asked to be reimbursed for a day's worth of cable, both TV and Internet (whopping $1.77, and they will do this as long as you ask) but the value of a potential project that might be due for a client could be worth thousands, and your reputation and credibility? Priceless. What then you bastards at Comcast?? When companies fuck you over, ALWAYS complain.


James said...

Hi Vanessa, it's James, yes KT's James. The one that lives literally down the street from you.
I got a notice on my door that comcast was working on the cable and it may get interrupted. The date on the notice "Few Days". Uhm yah, you can basically assume cable and internet service is gonna be screwy over the next few days. You can always get a wifi card and login to your neighbor's connection and hope his is up while yours is down. But it's still better than my experience with the pacbell home DSL. It always dies or goes down. And forget their support. You get some guy in india who you can barely understand reciting stuff from the web page help. 2nd level support is at best 1 hour away after they tell you to do all sorts of stupid stuff.


Van said...

Oh cool, hi James! Was just talkin' to KT about how we gotta call you out to chill or play poker when your woman is out at work.