I can't remember if I mentioned earlier that K and all those interactive media industry people, many of whom I met here in Seattle through him went to South By Southwest a few weeks back. I was insanely jealous. I have wanted to go to that conference for YEARS, though mostly for the film festival and infamous parties. Well the gods have exacted sweet revenge on all those who spent a week partying while I stayed home wearing the same clothes for 4 days and worked on this pile of papers I am still trying to finish. Yes, passing around kisses and free drinks for a week took its toll on them and now everyone is sick as evidenced by the new twitter profile http://twitter.com/SouthbyScurvy. So damn funny. OK OK I'm not that mean. I don't wish for anyone to come down with a flu or strep throat or whatever else they caught. But still it's kinda funny. So far 39 people and counting.

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