So I have to share some background information before I post this conversation I had with my friend whom I'll call jg.

Richmond = the Vancouver suburb known for its high Asian population
UBC = the University of British Columbia, also known for high number of Asian students, mostly Chinese
Victoria = the "big" city on Vancouver Island where the population is predominantly white and a little older
UVic = Victoria's university which has mostly a greater proportion of white students than does UBC

Jg is Chinese-Canadian and a native of Victoria but is trying really hard to get off the island and over to Vancouver for graduate studies at UBC. His wife is also Asian.

jg: i was at a bar with my wife and one of her friends on the weekend. this white chick started flirting with me...even though I was with the 2 of them. but the conversation was strange.
me: fucking feeling entitled. like she's top prize
jg: i asked her where she was from. she said richmond. she said she went to uvic. i said, why didn't u go to ubc??
me: good question
jg: she said, 'i'm from richmond, after growing up from there, u don't want to go to ubc, if u know what I'm saying...' [I'll translate, she is sick of being around Chinese people]
jg: i'm like....ok
me: uh...
jg: so I told her I'm from victoria, and after growing up here, I want to go to UBC!
me: did she not know she was talking to an asian?
jg: haha...I guess I'm white to her
jg: so she goes on. she goes, 'I got into a car accident in vancouver....ran a stop sign. now my car is fixed but painted different colors because I couldn't afford to get it done professionally'.
jg: i told her how ghetto she was.
me: omg you said that. thats so fucking funny
jg: dude, she was bashing my race... so I was hitting back (albeit not quite hard enough)
me: so she goes... 'u know how many white guys I've picked up in my car??? they all feel so sorry for me, because they think some Chinese person hit my car...'
me: WHAT? she said that? omg
jg: yeah, SHE ran a stop sign go in an accident and blames Chinese people in richmond
jg: anyways, all this time, she was trying to get me to play pool...
me: if i were there i would have slapped that bitch
jg: haha, i KNOW u would have :)
jg: it's just strange she would say all that to ME.
jg: my friend said to me that he thinks some white people in canada don't see race according to your appearance, as much as they judge by your accent. so maybe that's why.
me: good theory
jg: i kept telling her there were not enough Chinese people in victoria...blah blah blah. in the end, she left to play pool, and wished me good luck in trying to get into UBC...haha. she was also really wasted it seemed. opened up her 'inner racist'.


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They don't teach the important things at UVic it seems, then. Or she dropped out.