I just saw a commercial for a movie called Don't Back Down. From the first few seconds of the trailer I thought it was going to be another cheesy teen urban dancing type movie. A few seconds later it became clear that it is a movie using the same formula but this time there is no dancing, the contest where the underdog trains his ass off to take over the big meanie is street fighting. I think that's what you call it. You know, like Ultimate Fighting Championships or Pride, where the big knuckleheads get thrown into a ring for what is basically a human cockfight. I'm not big on media effects theories because they assume a homogeneous passive audience and I think people are more complex than that, but I'd have to say making a teen movie that glorifies tearing someone's guts apart is seriously tempting fate.

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Robyn said...

it's mixed martial arts! but yes this movie looks awful... i think there is another MMA movie being made too... or maybe i made that up hoping for something better.

they always highlight the big punches but the best part is seeing someone totally losing and then break out the jiujitsu and submit the other guy like that.