Dammit, South By Southwest, a conference I've been wanting to attend for years mostly for the film fest and parties, is officially too popular. I didn't get to go this year because school is kicking my ass and I'm poor. I hate being too late to get in on things. Like I've always said, when you have money, you have no time; when you have time, you have no money. And as that time passes, events get all mainstream and lame and I get old and lame.

Ibiza is another one for which I think I've missed the proverbial boat. That one requires the unique combination of both time and money and I never seem to have both at the same time. Now I think I'm just too old to party that hard. At least I didn't miss the rave scene in the 90s. That was good fun, kept me pretty entertained for years, and I think was specific to that moment in time. I don't think even a revival would be the same.

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