Sometimes I come across some fantastic, albeit unrelated, articles when doing literature review for my papers. Usually this happens when I'm reading edited books that include articles from different scholars on a broad variety of topics that are somehow related. This one cracked me up so bad I just have to share:
"...in 1993 Mattel introduced a hip version of the traditionally strait-laced Ken doll. Dubbed Earring Magic Ken, this 1990s-kind-of-guy sports an earring in his left earlobe and a plastic version of two-toned, bleached-blonde hair. Having left his three-piece suit behind in the closet as he came out, Earring Magic Ken is dressed in black hip-hugger jeans, a purple fishnet tank top, a simulated leather vest, and faux Italian loafers. Dangling from a cord around his neck is a large faux-metal band, which some consumers - much to Mattel's chagrin - quickly claimed as a 'cock ring', a sign of Ken's hitherto closeted queer identity...The alleged cock ring...made this latest manifestation of Ken very popular, particularly among gay men...Mattel cried foul. It was not amused - or so it said - by these queer appropriations of its latest plaything. Ken is as straight as ever, the company protested: it's naughty-minded adults who are warped" (Ducille, 2003, p. 338).
Awesome. I love it. Who says scholarship is boring?

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