Vancouver weekend

I'm going to keep my update brief because I'm past my bedtime again. So Friday we flew Qantas to Vancouver. They surprised us a meal of lamb, potatoes, peas, shrimp salad, cheese, crackers, and a pastry. It was delicious even though I had just eaten because, since when the heck do airlines serve food anymore? That night we went to Alex's pre-wedding BBQ to eat some more, and then headed to Guu Izakaya (Japanese tapas) to eat even more. Of course Guu Robson has a 1 hour wait even at 9pm so in the meantime we walked up to Mondo Gelato to have dessert before dinner.

Saturday we had a half day before Alex's and Candace's wedding so we went to Lynn Canyon. What I love as much as the suspension bridge itself is the warning sign with graphic drawings of the ways people have died messing around in the waters below. This one says, "in 1991 a hiker was trapped in this position for 5 days."

There's a series of these drawings of people who jumped and had their shoes go through their feet and end up around their legs, or people getting stuck in whirlpools and being mixed up in the water with rocks and lumber. It's kinda funny. Anyways, after that we had lunch at English Bay at the Boathouse deck.

The wedding itself was beautiful, simple, free of fuss, and full of fun. Open bar is always good too. That night we stumbled over to the McDonalds on Burrard at 2am to eat again.

The next morning we feasted yet again at Sandbar in Granville Island. It was an awesome weekend especially since we got to hang out with friends Joe and Jane the whole time. Now I'm fat and lethargic


Junebug said...

The creepiest and saddest thing about that board at Lynn Canyon is the fact that I can point out the picture showing how a family friend died. She was 17 and jumped in to save a friend caught in a whirlpool. That thing sends chills up my spine.

Ben said...

Oh, man, I miss that town. It really is gorgeous. Too bad the job market doesn't offer what a lot of other cities do.

Year after year, people die at that Canyon despite well-known warnings about the place. Ah, how it must feel to think you're invincible! I've heard of things, but nobody close to me has suffered that fate. That said, they are pretty humourous to the distant person. :-)

Robyn said...

damn, sounds like vancouver has some good food.