Top Chef

I'm a week behind in my reality TV watching, thank goodness for Tivo. We caught up on the finale of 24 on Sunday night and tonight we watched 2 hours of Top Chef. I was sad to see the emotional, lovable, all around good guy Dave go but I knew the producers would pit Tiffani against Harold after the novelty of Dave's constant crying wore off. You don't really think the judges make all the decisions now do you? If you think they do, you need to take media literacy 101, seriously. Tiffani v. Harold is the story of woman versus man, sly versus honest, daring versus steady. Of course good presides over evil and Harold wins. That's not to say all is fiction. I think the fact that Tiffani has a rotten attitude and flat out lied about giving Dave all this direction on the dessert, the most favoured dish, when in fact he was saving that recipe for himself if he were to make finals...I'll bet all of that had a whole lot of truth to it. I don't think the producers had to work terribly hard to create the bitch character in this show as Tiffani came out for that part in full force. I was sad that one of my favourites, Lee Anne, wasn't in the final three but I guess America can't handle having an Asian sister winning both of Bravo's big reality shows. In the end though, the story was well told. The moral of the story is simple: Be kind to people, be honest, be humble, be a team player, go with your gut, go with what you do best, stick up for good people and they'll stick up for you, don't backstab, don't take credit for other people's work, don't over complicate things and, finally, what comes around goes around. I cannot wait to try Harold's restaurant in Lower Manhatten and, while each restaurant has only one super star, it'd sure be cool to see Lee Anne and Dave there too. And if you're wondering how a chef spends $100,000 check this out.

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