It's been hard to blog now that I'm working full-time (summer thing). I have to fight my nocturnal tendencies in order to do the 9-5 (or more like 10-7) grind like everyone else. I've developed a bad habit of falling asleep on the couch after dinner and then not being able to sleep when I haul my ass up to bed.

I'm also battling my need to eat constantly because I haven't come prepared with snacks and the free Famous Amos cookies have lost their novelty. I visited Google for lunch the other day. That place is the site of an over-the-top feeding frenzy at lunch time. I had to valet my car because so many employees bring guests to their out of control free buffet of nearly every cuisine imaginable, and prepared really nicely too. They even have resident nutritionists on hand. In between meals there are areas better stocked than 7 Eleven and all free stuff too. I think the free food alone would be reason enough to work there. I don't even think sexual harrassment would phase me if I could eat like that every day. I'm so easily bribed by food it's kind of pathetic.

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