unlikely friends

The reason I like doing things like Toastmasters and volunteering for various organizations is that you get the opportunity to meet people you wouldn't ordinarily encounter through work or those comfortable friendship circles. From my Toastmasters club I've met and befriended people with more life experience than me, who have lived in more continents than I have, and who enjoy such occupations as homeopathy, life coaching, bio-medical research, emergency preparedness, and public health to name just a few. It's been so awesome to listen to people from different walks of life tell their stories and share advice from a very different perspective than my own. I'm really not even sure how I'd be able to find such a unique opportunity again, especially if I transfer my membership to a univerity-based club where everyone's a student and pretty much share common experiences that aren't too far out of the ordinary. It would sure suck. Those of you who spend all your time working and hanging out with people you've known for years and years who share all the same values, goals, and interests, I challenge you to reach out and meet people from different walks of life. I guarantee you won't regret it and it'll make your life so much richer.

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mary lennox said...

i totally agree with you that it opens up so many more doors and experiences for you if you broaden your horizons re intersts and meeting people, making new friends. I can't see myself as a toastmaster though.Cheers anyhow.