drunk ass

This weekend was my friend Ben's birthday. He's the one on the right below. However, the most memorable part of the evening happened at about 3am when we went to Peter's Cafe in Millbrae for some eats. My bald friend (who will remain unnamed for his privacy) was drunker than the birthday boy and it made for a good time (for the rest of us).

My bald headed friend telling his story (none of us can remember what his long ass story was about but it took a long time to tell).

Soon after, my friend began stomping on the floor. We couldn't see over the table so we asked Candice what the hell he was doing. Apparently he was flattening cutlery. No, we don't know why.

After all his story telling and cutlery stomping he gets all tuckered out and falls asleep sitting up

So we decide to build a tower of food on his head. It was fun, sort of like Jenga. See how many pieces you can add without waking him or having it all tumble down.

At this point there's french fries, pepper and now a piece of toast.

At this point, we've freakin' run out of food to put on his head. I thought the onion and fry behind the ear was a nice touch.

So the game turns from Jenga to Operation where you must now remove all the pieces without waking him.

It wasn't very challenging. My battery died here but after the last fry was removed we decided to use it to do some ketchup and mustard face painting. When he woke up we just told him that he went face first into his plate while he was sleeping to explain all the crap on his face. He seemed pretty convinced.


Ben said...

Hahahahahahaha ... good times.

Egan said...

He has to be acting. No way he's sleeping through this sort of thing.

Van said...

Oh no, there was no acting here. He's not the type of guy to find that having food on his head is funny. I guess I should have explained that he wasn't sleeping because he was sleepy. He was unconscious from having many shots of Petron and finishing it off with many beers. Between the cutlery stomping and eating his meal, he actually went to the bathroom to throw up.

Robyn said...

holy moly!
some guys i know used to draw on people in sharpie if they passed out--penis on the face and whatnot. it was alwyas the same guy that would pass out at 9:00 too.