mini quake

You know it's going to be a weird day when it starts at 5:30am with an earthquake. I felt the bed shaking and heard the TV in our room rattling against the wall. I was pretty excited since it's only the third one I've ever felt. I had already moved down here when the big Seattle one hit and shook Vancouver BC. I feel like it's the earth just cracking its back and preventing a big one. That's totally unscientific but that's my analogy. Of course, being a geek I went to the USGS web site to submit my report.

On the way to work we saw a trailer with a camel inside. No it was not an ugly long haired horse, it really was a camel and it didn't look happy to be riding down the 101. S/he was swaying back and forth in protest. I wonder where s/he was going.

The rest of day was kinda routine. I did manage to book our hotel for Vancouver (so we can get good and liquored up at Alex's wedding) and also booked our trip to Puerto Vallarta for a destination wedding. Sadly it'll be at a resort I went to 3 years ago so I won't be seeing anything new and I totally don't like making repeat vacations. Oh well. Speaking of weddings, if you saw I Do Let's Eat on Food Network featuring Jess and Jason, there was a close up of me in it. Yay I'm a star. Jess is Simon's first cousin so we were there for the whole family part of the wedding and there were a heck of a lot of camera crew and producers running around. I can't wait to see it.


Robyn said...

i had a dream about an earthquake last night. strange.
you were on food network! cool!

Melliferous Pants said...

A camel on 101? Whoa!

head dump said...

ooh Alex is getting married?

I had trouble falling back asleep after earthquake, I was rather annoyed.

Eunice said...

All that traveling...I'm jealous. Even if you're staying at the same place, you can make a new adventure of it, like eating at a different restaurant or something.