HK films & BBQ

We recently discovered that one of our friends has a huge collection of HK films. Since he's not Chinese we never would've guessed. Friday night we watched two of those movies at our place. Today was Canada Day so we barbequed at another friend's house. After polishing off all the goods at our fusion BBQ, including the spam musubi, deep fried wontons, grilled veggies, kalbee, Filipino style noodles, calamari, drunken chicken, fried cheesesticks and I can't remember what else, we sat on our butts and watched two more HK movies. We thanked the hosts and continued the party at our house where we played Pass the Pigs and then two rounds of poker. Young and Dangerous played in the background while we did that (the ladies dominated with me winning round one and Candice taking round two). After we packed up the cards and chips we watched yet another movie. The last one being the Gods of Gambling. So that is a total of 6 HK flicks in a little over 24 hours. I sure picked up a lot of vocabularly watching those but nothing that you can repeat in front of old people. What a weird way to celebrate the Canada Day weekend. The birds are chirping, it must be time for bed.

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