last speech

I am doing what will probably be my last speech with my Toastmasters club tomorrow night. It's also officer election night so I need to hand off my post as President and webmaster to some other very capable folks. After that I think I need a little time off from Toastmasters to do some reading (I'm finding myself at a loss for words and I think it's due to spending zero time reading academic uh...stuff. See what I mean?) I also need to work on submitting a rewrite of my thesis for publication which I promised myself I would try to do over the summer even though I don't know who the hell would want to publish my schlop. So much to do, so little time. With this full time gig, I can't seem to do anything else but work, commute, cook and clean. Not the kinda life I want and the reason I went back for more torture, I mean school.

I got home at a decent hour tonight and tried to haul my fat ass around a 3 mile loop in my neighbourhood and it felt like I was dragging a bag of rice (attached to my thighs). It took a pathetic 40 minutes (okay so I stopped to look at the baby Canada geese). Still, it was bad. Tomorrow no time to work out, Friday I'm off to Vancouver to stuff my face some more and milk this open bar at my friend's wedding for all it's worth. I'll get my life back on track next week. I hope. Dammit how do you people train for marathons and tris while working full time? Do you people not sleep? Do you have maids? You guys and gals put me to shame.

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Robyn said...

ugh. i said i was going to do that last summer too (with the thesis). i didn't. i wonder if it is easier if you have a place you plan to submit it? i did not have that, but now i do. so i have to do it. so that helps.