winter sports

So I was watching the Olympics and realized I never watch any of these sports except when the Olympics roll around every 4 years. Watching the games also brought up a bunch of questions for me. Like, why in the world do people do skeleton when they can do luge? I mean careening down an icey track feet first is dangerous enough, but doing it head first? Wouldn't your first injury pretty much be your last? Can a helmet really prevent a broken neck? I don't get it. And how in the world do these athletes get into sports like luge, bobsled, and skeleton in the first place? Just think of how we get into sports. You're say 5 years old and taking some recreational lessons in say skating. Maybe you learn faster than the other kids and the coach bumps you up a level. Maybe then your parents try you out in figure skating where, again, you excel quickly and begin taking up the sport competitively. Kind of all happens naturally right? But how many of you even know where the nearest bobsled track is in your town? What in the world would compel you to (1) find such a track (2) let your kid try the sport? It's just not an activity that you stumble into or discover a hidden talent in because the opportunities aren't there (and it's dangerous as hell). Someone fill me in here.

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ceaz said...

I actually think the luge is scarier than the skeleton. Even though you're going down the hill face first, it's a little bit slower and at least you can see what's coming. On the luge, you need to peek above your chest to know what's coming.