food weekend

3 short workouts a week is not enough to burn off all the damn food I eat. Friday night I ended up making dinner and had Shannph over too. Boiled spinach + ground turkey + seasoning salt and garlic power + mushroom alfredo sauce made for a great pasta sauce. It actually tasted more like sausage than turkey. I used the water from boiling the spinach + shitake and enoki mushrooms + lentils to make a nice healthy soup. Salad included more spinach, mandarin slices, almond, cheese, and balsamic vinagarette. My butt was glued to a bar stool at Alpha Bar that night so I burned 0 calories, plus we went to Denny's Japan Town for loco mocos after (they have special stuff like Hawaiian food and kimchee)--- two eggs over easy atop a hamburger pattie on rice with a couple scoops of gravy on the whole thing. Yuuuuummy!

Saturday was work out and steam room day but we stayed in and munched on armloads of chips and chocolate and watched Kickin and Screaming (Will Farrell movie) that night. Not easy on the total calorie count. I blame the UK Cadbury's that Simon brought back (way better than any American chocolate).

Sunday was Superbowl day of course. I don't watch football but we went to a friend's house and I brought my laptop and feasted on barbequed beef, prawns, home made sushi, home made salsa, toffee (my friend will be launching J&S Toffee soon, watch for it), chicken wings, and shots made of sake, raw quail egg, uni (sea urchin), and salmon eggs. Decadent and all washed down with beer. I had to have a nap after the half time show. Man the commercials were lame and...sparse this year, no? So many network commercials. I guess most companies are too poor this year. My favorite was the horses helping the baby horse (a calf right?) push a Budweiser cart. Not funny but sooo darn cute. Not so sure it connected with their target demographic but I sure liked it.

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