Mutiny at the cafe

What do you do when you have a mediocre hourly pay job, love your coworkers but collectively hate your boss?


I had a rather shitty day today but this made it a teeny bit better.

I can think of a job I had where we all hated my boss, but the only one with guts enough to up and leave was me. Not exactly collective action but I sure gave HR an earful at my exit interview. No one makes me attend THEIR meetings and takes credit for MY work without ME getting some revenge. I heard that after I left she no longer had any direct reports except some co-op student who was an even bigger pain in the ass for the company than she was a waste of money.

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Egan said...

I am surprised I don't see "Vanessa" in cursive at the bottom of this paper. That took some huge balls on their part. Good for them.