I'm going to help my friend Will milk his fame a little more by pointing my readers to his post about he and his friends polishing off the In-and-Out 100x100 burger. Will has gotten so famous, he's gonna be on the damn radio! There's absolutely nothing wrong with gaining that 15 seconds (or days in this case) of fame for eating lots and lots of cow, grease, and sweaty cheese. Go Willy go!

Hmm I have nothing else to talk about today. Apparently I accidentally pissed off a person or two and the person I'm pissed off at happens to be in town. Oh and my new Blue Cross plan doesn't include coverage for vision care and I can't see too well right now and I'm running low on contact lenses. And also when I (or Simon) uses this nifty wireless optical mouse, I can't fucking type on my wireless keyboard because signals get crossed. Oh, and my brown hamster pissed all over my white hamster again so she's yellow now and I'm scared to clean her because she bites. My life is clearly a well-balanced combination of unexciting and shitty. Hmmm.

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Egan said...

Keep speaking your mind. This is supposed to be a free country.