good day sunshine

Sun and warm weather always makes a day better. Strange how it hovers above freezing at night and then warms up to t-shirt weather in the day. I got word that UI Urbana-Champaign is going to reimburse me up to $100 in travel expenses for the conference I'm going to next week (I'm scheduled for 10am or something on Saturday). Woohoo, free money is always good money. I can't wait to give my first conference presentation and see Chicago for the first time. I have only Sunday to see the sites so what should I be shortlisting? The only things I have on my list so far are to eat deep dish pizza and check out the architecture so I need some must-see suggestions here.

I finally got the hang of Tivo'ing the Olympics. Man it's a pain. It records 7 hours of competition which I have to fast forward through to get to the good stuff (hockey). 3 Canucks are on the Swedish team so I watched that. Unfortunately, our guy Ohlund hurt his shoulder and ribs. Now I'm watching Canada v. Russia. I don't have a good feeling about this one. Our goalie had a stiff leg and we haven't scored in two games. Oh yeah, and I hate it when the camera person focuses on someone in the crowd. If it's not someone with a huge sign or making an ass of him/herself, it's ALWAYS some young blond chick. And I always secretly hope that the woman doesn't know she's on TV and picks her nose. That would be sweet.

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Egan said...

Van, you know the 30 second cheat code don't you? It makes the TiVo experience all the more enjoyable.