It appears I'm getting screwed by every corporation I deal with today. I can't login to my online banking. When I do, I get a big blank screen. That's always reassuring.

Those DMV bastards sent me my registration payment form and I paid it back in December before I went away. Now I have a letter that says NOTICE OF INCOMPLETE RENEWAL because I need to get a smog check (that's the same as AirCare for you Vancouverites). Well it wouldn't be incomplete if they had sent me this stupid smog check thing with my registration renewal papers in December. They JUST sent it to me and it says that it might take 30 days for my registration sticker to come after I pass smog check. Sooooo doesn't that mean I'll have a gap wherein my car won't be registered. I HATE YOU DMV!

And finally, Amazon. I ordered a bunch of books at Christmas time. December 6th was when I put in the order. One of those books was for a newly engaged friend. Not only did it fail arrive when she came to visit in December.... It still hasn't come. I ordered this over 3 months ago, what the hell??? I think I need to cancel this. They're going to be married by the time they fucking ship this.

Items Ordered Approve
The Unofficial Guide to Planning Your Wedding, Eileen Livers
Updated Shipping Estimate: March 10, 2006 - March 24, 2006
Updated Delivery Estimate: March 14, 2006 - March 28, 2006
Your approval required by: February 17, 2006


gt said...

That'll teach you to write those nasty letters to corp HQ.

Van said...

how unfair. this is like My Name is Earl except I never did anything bad.

Mr. Syndromes said...

"how unfair. this is like My Name is Earl except I never did anything bad."

Hahaha :) Sorry to hear you're getting so banged up (erm, you know what I mean) of late, but your quote was priceless :) And yes, I know all too well about the evils of the DMV... Is Canada this much of a klusterfuk with car registrations/situations as well??

Van said...

Hmmm good question. Back home DMV stuff is run by Insurance Corporation of BC. You can take your written driver's test at an Expressway computer terminal at the mall (touch screen, not paper and pencil) where the staff are friendly and efficient. I never waited more than 5 minutes in line to do anything car related. ICBC also does our car insurance (no shopping for private insurance). I just dont remember any of this stuff being the nightmare that it is here.

James said...

You can get your stickers by either going to the dmv, or to AAA if you're a member. There's a law that allows you to drive your car while DMV processes your paperwork. But you want to call the DMV and make sure they send you your stickers. One time I took my smog, they didn't send me stickers and I had to smog it again since the expiration date on smogs are 90 or 120 days.