raw food

So I decided to test out a raw food diet at least for dinner tonight. People into the raw food diet thing claim all sorts of things, it clears the skin, reduces cholestrerol, makes you live longer etc etc. OK the real reason I tried it tonight is because Simon is away and I'm too lazy to cook and I need to lose the pounds I gained between Valentines and my birthday. After eating this huge stalk of broccoli which I dipped into a yogurt dip I made (fat free yogurt, honey, mustard, dijon mustard), I started working on some nuts for protein. Verdict: I cannot do this on any sort of regular basis. My entire skull hurts from chewing. Raw food is just damn crunchy. How the hell do they do it?


Thomas said...

Any diet that requires excessive chewing is not good. Food should woofed down as God intended.

D.T. said...

Raw food is Raw-ong. It just is. I went to a raw food restaurant one time and it was just gross. The soup was cold, and there was just too many vegetables! All cold and raw! So we left, and all went out for big, fat, double cheeseburgers. I'm tellin' ya...man can not live without meat.

Ben said...

If you lived in Taiwan, you'd notice two things: raw food would be a very welcome change of diet pace, and raw food is practically impossible to come by (and thus impossibly impractical to live by).

Maybe your raw food diet should be bananas and softer foods? Or maybe you should get a reinforced set of dentures, so you can have multiple sets of teeth. Like a shark. Yeah. Because, you know, sharks are so successful with living on raw food diets.

Eunice said...

Hey Van!

Happy Belated b-day for starters (Egan told me it was last week). Love the new blog template.

I love raw veggies to munch on and stuff, but I don't know that I could make an extended diet of it. I need my meat.

Egan said...

I'm with you. A meal here and there would be fine, but no way I could do that everyday.