I hate the fact that most of the Olympics coverage is on MSNBC because that means it's reported by that annoying pest Tucker Carlson. Hmm, let me share a Tucker Carlson quote:

"Canada is a sweet country. It is like your retarded cousin you see at Thanksgiving and sort of pat him on the head. You know, he's nice but you don't take him seriously. That's Canada."

I'm also sick of the American commentators in general. They talk about the American team even when they're reporting on a game/race where no American athletes are involved. Get with the program and talk about what's going on onscreen. Jeez. I miss CBC.

I was so sad to hear about Michelle Kwan withdrawing. Sarah Hughes's little sister was the alternate. In an interview today Sarah said something about how Elvis Stojko skated with a groin injury but Michelle made a personal choice not to, but it's been done before. I found it a little rude of her to infer that Michelle was wimping out. Her sister's interview made no mention of Michelle. All she did was babble about how exciting it was for her and how hard it was for her to keep it a secret during her dinner. Bleh. Little sister Hughes needs to get some media training from the folks who work with NHL teams. Hockey players are big, sweaty, rough, and toothless but get them in front of a camera and rarely will you see them speak without first praising their opponents and then keeping their comments about their own team rather humble (for the most part).


Mr. Syndromes said...

Some great olympic spirit we americans have... Watching the olympics on tv anymore is a mochary of what they're about, in my opinion. All about making it into some retarded hollywood-esque story, completely over dramatized and over corporatized. I wonder if it's any different if you're participating in them or if it's pretty much the same?

That Tucker quote made me laugh though ;) To some degree, I think that's pretty much the view of most Americans. "America-lite", if you will. But we're so caught up in our ability to kick anyone and everyones ass, we don't have respect for much of the world that doesn't have the ability to directly threaten us physically.

gt said...

You guys are actually watching the Olympics? I'm just waiting for the hockey to start. Love the larger rinks. Other than that, only other thing worth watching is ice dance for Tanith Belbin. *grrrr*

ceaz said...

yay hockey.. the Canadian women's team has been kicking ass. They've outscored their first two opponents 28-0. (Italy (16) and Russia (12))


The snowboarding half pipe was cool and for some reason, I really enjoy watching the ski jump. I'd like to try that one day.

But I agree Van.. totally one sided commentary on the Olympics.

Tashiwa said...

I agree, and this one-sided commentary isn't a new thing with NBC. Your post reminds me of a moment in my life in 1994. I can only remember watching in awe as my sister screamed at the TV "NBC! NBC! That was a jerk with an NBC mic asking that question! Those bastards just want the gossip! What about events with Canadians??!!"

My recollection is vague, but I think it had something to do with the Tonya/Nancy scandal.

Egan said...

28-0? Are you kidding me? Those other teams can't be olympic calibre can they? I'm sure Canada is good, but to lose a three period hockey game by 12 and 16 goals... ouch. Yes, NBC's coverage in general sucks. What's sad is most won't even see the Olympics because no one really watches NBC primetime anymore.

D.T. said...

The sight of Tucker in his stupid bow-tie, makes me wanna cringe and vomit, which totally ruins my whole one-sided Olympic viewing.

Anonymous said...

Your comments aren't working on your Feb. 17 post. So happy birthday via this post. Sorry it's raining over there

Egan said...

Ummm... something happened here. Something's amiss. I hope your birthday went well Friday night.