white lies

So I managed to drag my ass out of the house thanks go Jane who invited me out to Martini's for dinner with her girlfriends. After much food, chatter, and a sprinkling of toilet humour, Jane I headed out to Commercial Drive (our version of the Mission District, but smaller and tidier) to meet up with Bob and Candace and Joe for more food and drinks at Havana. Those 4 took off and I met up with Lonny and an old friend while they were settling their bill at Marcello's and then Lonny and I took off to meet up with his roomie and friends at Shine, the only happening party in town. I couldn't believe it when I drove downtown. Thursday night in a supposed party city during the holidays and all the clubs were closed or totally dead. Unbelievable. I thought Vancouver would've picked up a bit with the increase in population and healthy economy.

But luckily they found the party at Shine...

White Lies has apparently been going since '02 and I had a blast. It's '80s night much like PopScene at 330 Ritch in San Francisco, but with a little more North American 80s music and a little lighter on the UK pop (I didn't hear any Joy Division or Morrissey). Still I counted 3 Cure songs and a New Order oldie which made me happy. The girls there seemed a bit young but the crowd was pretty friendly and there is a small backroom for hip hop for those too young to appreciate the greatness that is 80s music. Can't wait to go back next week. Who's coming with me?!

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Egan said...

I love partying in Vancouver. Let's hope things haven't changed too much there. Commercial Drive is a great area. Only a little over four years until Vancouver hosts the Winter Olympics.