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Thought I'd redeem myself with a non-self-pitying post of a mish mash of stuff:

- I just found this on some random blog. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ It's a little hack that uses Google Maps to chart the distance of your running routes. It took me forever to figure out how to use it but it is awesome. First zoom in on your neighbourhood. Then you click the Start Recording button and then double click on your starting point on the map. Each time you double click you draw a straight line from the last point you marked. Continue double-clicking until you've traced out the route that you ran. Who needs a GPS pedometer when you can just trace your route online afterwards for free? You can switch from metric to English and enter your weight to get an estimated calorie burn (probably not very accurate but cool nonetheless)

- I heard on the radio about a week ago of a parking ticket Santa in Vancouver. This mystery person goes around slipping a $50 bill under the windshield wipers of people who have parking tickets. Is that crazy or what? How come there is no parking ticket Santa or fairy in San Francisco where we collect all our tickets?

- Some guy on the Chinese news set fire to some building somewhere (I can barely understand Chinese news hence the lack of details). The arsonist then got his arms and legs burned in the process and had to call 911 to the scene. Brilliant.

- When NHL hockey and junior hockey aren't on, there is always the Spengler cup. I had no idea there was so much damn hockey to watch. I cannot get enough.

- words of wisdom for the new year courtesy of Waiter Rant and all his readers http://waiterrant.net/?p=249

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