ready to go back

So I'm glad Christmas is finally over. I haven't liked it since I was a kid. Even then it sucked because I never got the long list of gifts that the other kids at school got. Those little bastards had to brag about all the shit they got too, just to rub it in. I was hoping that on this trip I'd at least get a chance to hit the slopes but the rain that has been coming down every fuckin' day since I got here has washed away the snow on the local mountains and high winds closed the mountains all together yesterday. So feeling a little under the weather + constant shitty weather + living a few lightyears from everyone I know + no money = me staying at home doing nothing but watching hockey. I watched the junior hockey game at 4 pm and then the Canucks game from 7 - 9:30. So minus a half hour break, I watched 5 hours of hockey and spent 0 hours on my thesis or anything constructive. Canada beat Finland 5-1 in the jr game but Canucks lost (AGAIN) 2-1 to Calgary. Thank you Carter for your one goal but, damn Canucks, please deliver some better games for me to watch while I'm here.

Now I'm too bored and miserable to get any work done so yeah. New year's is this weekend but if you don't wanna spend money and don't feel like going out because there's nothing to celebrate, there isn't much to do eh? The only thing that I'm enjoying here other than the little time I spend with all my (blissfully-engaged/married-and-happy-not-that-I'm-bitter-or-anything) friends are the Telus commercials http://www.telusmobility.com/coolstuff/advertising.shtml Thank you Telus.

I think I'll wander the mall aimlessly by myself tomorrow. I need out of this house even if it means spreading all my sick germs to others.

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