Friday's Feast

When was the last time you did something you would consider courteous, what was it, and who was it for?

Well....the class I TA is instructed by a person who constantly has "technical issues." This week he couldn't provide an electronic copy of the take home exam which is already being assigned 2 weeks late. Many students couldn't make it to pick up a hard copy and were freaking out so I re-typed the whole damn thing and emailed it to the class. It was a favour for the students. I found out later the TA for the other section has also done his share of re-typing hard copies. In our section the undergrad assistant has been scanning hard copies of these things to post on our class web site. Yeah, ridiculous huh?

If you were to have a painting done of you alone, what would you want the background to be?

A beach at sunset. Shit that's so cliche but I like beaches at sunset.

Describe your voice.

I hate my voice. I sound like I'm 12.

Main Course
What is something you would like to do, but you're afraid of the risk(s)?

Scuba diving and sky diving.

What was the last television show you watched?

Food Network, Top Five Foods Named After Places. They were making chicken kiev and I had to see how they do it.

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Head_Idiot said...

You are 12. You sound your proper age....haha.