I have 40 minutes before I have to tutor kid #1 of the evening and what do I do? I sign into blogger. What the hell. First off, thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments to my last post. Much better response than I got when I sent messages on Asian Avenue to recruit interviewees. Much unanticipated hostility there from people who felt they were getting a "real" MA degree because it involved math and engineering. Second, the person with the handle "your ex-gf" who left me a comment, your thesis sounds interesting too how do I contact you?

So on the weekend, I had a rough night that required the rest of the weekend to recover from. Drinks followed by more drinks followed by late night eats at New Sun Hong Kong where a cockroach the size of a goddamn cat skittered about makes for a queesy stomach. As does helping a new mom to pour HER breast milk into a feeding bottle the next day. It kinda dripped down the side of the bottle and smelled more cheesey than cow milk and I am still gagging a bit just thinking about it.

Saturday night was a chill evening at Gi's where we had leftover turkey cooked into a pot pie. Oh and I watched my first Star Wars movie in its entirety (episode 1). I watched Empire Strikes Back when it came out but I was 5 and hopelessly hyperactive and didn't actually sit still to watch it. I think I was probably too busy running around chasing my younger cousin and pulling off his socks. Did I tell you that until a few months ago I thought a light sabre was pronounced life saver? Anyways, I borrowed the set of DVDs. I have a lot of Star Wars to catch up on.

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Oliver said...

you mean you don't know the deep, spiritual context of the Force? the excitement of the death star trench run? you have to try to watch all the movies. no wait, Do. or do not. there is no try.