Christmas cards

Does anyone actually send out Christmas cards anymore? I remember we used to string them up in front of our fireplace and every year we got fewer of them. My parents' friends would send them as a minimal keep in touch gesture. I used to send them to friends, acquaintances, and former coworkers just so that I could do the whole keep in touch thing at least once a year. It had little to do with Christmas, a holiday I'm not really into, but more to do with using a certain time of year as a marker. Kinda like changing the batteries in your smoke alarms every daylight savings. But you know what? Few people ever sent me a goddamn card back. So screw that idea. No more cards from me. Maybe I'll just send an e-card to my whole address book. Hmm wait, there are still some weirdos in my address book that I don't care to write to but whom I might need in the future (business contacts and such). A bulletin on Friendster will have to do. It's sad, the Christmas card thing that worked in my parents' generation was kinda fun because they often came with photos of people I hadn't seen in years who lived in different countries around the world. But then again the Internet does more than make up for lost connections, so hooray for Friendster, MySpace, and LinkedIn.


Egan said...

Van, I was thinking the same thing today. We've only received three cards thus far. A couple years ago we would have had about 15 or so. I do think the proliferation of the internet making it so much easier to stay in touch, thus cards aren't selling.

Plus, I am the type of person that wants to write a personal response in each card, but that's damn time consuming. I can type much faster than I can write. Okay, leaving now.

Cyrus said...

I still send christmas cards. Since they're becoming more rare, i guess its even more special (at least i like to think so)...and it doesn't cost THAT much. I wish i received more cards though...i always get one from my realtor and mortgage broker ;-)

head dump said...

I'm not a big fan of cards. I send them as a gesture to acquaintances, co-workers to let them know I thought of them. I enjoy receiving cards, but they end up back in the envelope stashed away because my room is too small to display them. Then a month later I feel guilty throwing them away, but I simply don't have space for stuff like that.