I am a machine. Somehow in the last week I have completed all but one Phd application, made some jewelry for the people who wrote me letters of rec, finished Xmas shopping (I love Amazon), organized a big birthday bash, and almost finished grading midterms. Yay me. Unfortunately all this comes at the expense of getting regular exercise. I am living proof that working out once a week is NOT enough. Especially if you go drinking on the weekends and eat like it's still Thanksgiving. I am getting mega chunky. Drinking beer and eating more fried food at Old Pro in Palo Alto last night is no help. Oh well. I'm super excited Old Pro is expanding. This place has these big beer tap things that you can take to your table to serve yourself. They also have ping pong, pool table, some old school arcade games, pinball, foosball and, my favourite, air hockey! Next summer they'll be expanding into the space next door and, get this, Bucky the Mechanical Bull! Yee haw, I cannot wait to try that out. I've only seen them on TV! I don't know what they do about liability issues with one of these in the place.


Benjamin22 said...

hi there.. i'm canadian too! just started on blogger.. trying it out.. check out my page! thanx

KT said...

I love mechanical bulls... well not like that... but riding them.. oooh wait, that didn't coem out right either... anyway, the Saddlerack in Fremont has one and I LOVE riding it when I do promos there. When they get Bucky all set up.. I am so down to goingthere!!!

Cheese Boy said...

I was in Cancun once during the US Spring break and they had set up a mechanical bull on some excursion we went out on.
This one girl was so drunk and decided to ride the bull. It didnt take long for her to get dizzy and begin puking. Chunks were flying everywhere. She eventually toppled off but not without first rolling around in her regurgitated dinner.
Please take note before mounting the bull.