So I'm back in Vancouver. Last night was fun. My closest friends got together for a little potluck. It was more pot than luck since the host neglected to tell us he didn't have TSN so we couldn't watch the hockey game. Oh well, the Canucks lost anyways damn them. Instead we watched Napolean Dynamite, chowed down on pizza and nachos and then I busted out my Xmas gift from Simon. My karaoke mic with 200 songs built in and 100 additonal songs on a chip inserted in the mic. Man was that ever a hit. It's a lot like the ones you get at the Asian stores but minus the Chinese or Tagalog songs. We sang until 1:30am. The drive home sucked because it was raining like hell. Not the sheets of rain we sometimes get in SF, more like big huge drops that came down hard. The fact that certain areas like the part between the East West Connector and the Queenborough bridge got totally rerouted pisses me off. I got lost last night. I ended up in the parking lot of a new outlet mall that wasn't there before and had to find my way back to the bridge. I could've stayed over at my friend's place but I just prefer the comforts of home even if it is out in the sticks.

I'm really hating the fact that my parents live out in the burbs and all my friends live in Vancouver or Richmond. It's been the story of my life. Me driving out 45 min to an hour by myself to meet up with people and then driving my ass home by myself. To make things worse, my dad is now retired and has discovered eBay which means I can't even escape by getting online. So I just wander the house aimlessly thinking about the thesis I'm supposed to be writing and blocking out the nagging and annoying questions about why I go out so late. It's like being a teenager all over again.

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Tashiwa said...

I totally know where you're coming from. I hole up in my room (aka. the new computer den) to avoid those types of questions. However, I do like the frequent inquiries about my hunger state.
Is this place rainier than usual, or what?