sunny days and Thanksgiving

I can't remember how many consecutive days of gorgeous sunshine and t-shirt weather we've had now. God, I love the weather here. Can't be beat. I'm going to wear my flip flops to school today. I just have to do some research and work at my little writing lab for 2.5 hours and I'm out. See, it's Thanksgiving week here in America. It's not just a day because people tend to cancel out of a whole week of work. I have no classes to attend or TA, so I get to leave early and get some grocery shopping done for our little EhClub (my Canadian friends living in the Bay Area) Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow. I'm making mediterranean cucumber yogurt salad (diced cucumber, mediterranean yogurt from Trader Joe, mint, cilantro, garlic, squeeze of lemon juice). I think Simon will be making candied squash (slice it up, throw tonnes of brown sugar, nutmeg, and butter on it, bake until soft). I better hit the gym sometime today too.


yournamehere said...

I like Thanksgiving even more than Christmas. The weather's nice in Vegas, too, although a little cold at night.

Ben said...

I miss Thanksgiving; we don't get anything like that here. I love Christmas even more, and I'm not really looking forward to missing that either. [sigh] Maybe I'll go have a turkey cranberry sandwich. Oh wait, that's right: there's nowhere that serves that around here. Dammit.