nothing beats a warm summer evening

Funny how our last few outings have involved drinking in a lane. That sounds bad eh? Couple weeks back we left the over priced, over crowded Bubble Lounge and walked up the hill in search of a cigar lounge we discovered had closed for the night. But we looked down one of the alleys and there was Bix. A live jazz band was packing up but the bar was just beautiful and the bartender possessed a rare combination of upscale, classy, comical and friendly. We ended up taking our drinks outside to the little make shift patio on the sidewalk. This Friday was much the same. We headed to Voda in Belden Place where, in the summer, all the restaurants set some of their tables out in the lane. It was nice to lounge outdoors on their big padded benches and drink dessert-like martinis away from the droves of barely legal obnoxious party goers who typically ruin my nights out.

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