I'm back

I'm a week into a new quarter and did two things today that I hate doing. I sent in my taxes to a tax preparer and got an oil change. This is a big deal for me because I tend to put these things off and to hit two in one day is huge. I got a coupon for a $19.99 oil change at Jiffy Lube down the street. I was greeted by a young lady with piercings the circumference of my pinky (does that hole ever shrink back?). The fellow who took my info tried to upsell me to synthetic oil and then asked if he could buy my car. Weird. When I got my car back I noticed there was no oil change sticker so I went back in and another young lady with insane tattoos all over her neck said they had run out. I don't know what's with this place. I thought I had walked into some juvenile detention center where there is no one over the age of 18 to supervise. I wonder if I even got my oil changed or if I just handed over my $23 for nothing.

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Robyn said...

jiffy lube sucks. i know they are all independently owned but the one in lansing damaged the oil tank. we didn't find out until we took it to another place who said they wouldn't work on it so we took it back and jiffy lube said they just replaced the bolt, but it turned out that was not the problem and they just glued the bolt in!!