oh Ann

From Slate.com Ann C0ulter shocked nobody last week by calling presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot" during her appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Everyone in their right mind knows that Coulter is actually satan in a blond fucking wig. But still, the fact that she goes so far off the deep end does not mean that her hate filled tirades don't have some effect on the American consciousness. I think the problem with her and her buddies Rush and Pat is that they make other Republicans seem liberal by comparison, which artificially shifts the whole fucking spectrum to the right. And that's all I have to say about that cuz I don't talk politics on this blog. I have to go back to worrying about my insomnia now. $#@!


egan said...

You don't talk politics on this blog? That's like saying I don't talk about triathlons on mine. You're funny.

No matter what, Ann Cunter a bitch.

Vanessa said...

ok I guess it depends how you define politics. I usually dont talk "politicians." I guess you're right, I do talk politics.