What sorta noise do you find most obnoxious? I get all sorts here in Lake Shitty. Aside from the punk rock from downstairs, the loud talking college girls upstairs and children tearing down the hallway there are also the regular fire truck sirens, assholes playing loud bass from their cars as they drive into the parking garage, and the bigger assholes who peel out of the parking lot across the street such that their tires squeal. The tires squealing is really annoying but what bugs me more is that one day their car will skid out of control while they're trying to assert their masculinity by peeling out of the lot in their little shitboxes and they will hit a pedestrian. People who speed or mess around in parking lots really piss me off. It's just irresponsible. I wish there were an IQ test, maturity test, and I'm-not-an-asshole test that went along with the written and road test for drivers licenses.

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Anonymous said...

Harley's that need mufflers!