sleep, deux

So tomorrow I have to be at school at 8:10 am. Like in the classroom at that time. It's for a mini conference and folks have been wise enough to notice I can't talk at that time in the morning so I don't present until the end, closer to 11am. Which is good. But having to be there a mere 20 minutes earlier than every other Wednesday I've arrived for class means that I started stressing out earlier than usual about how I won't be able to get to sleep tonite. It's kind of ridiculous to start worrying about this sort of thing at 4:30 this afternoon in the middle of a friend's emergency-post-thesis-defense pub run but I did and it made me all sorts of crazy doing all this worrying about not sleeping. I really should not leave the house or attempt to socialize in that condition. I cannot wait until tomorrow is over. It'll be the last time I have 7 consecutive hours of lecture (8:30-3:30) followed by a 2 hour break and then another 2 hours of lecture (5:30-7:30) packed all into one exciting day. I will never ever pack that many hours of lecture in a day, especially starting that early in the morning ever ever again.


Anonymous said...

Aww I'm sorry that you were so stressed. You will do great and I really appreciate you coming out. I will see you tomorrow.


Vanessa said...

It was good to have that as a deadline to get my shit done today. I just wish I could've been a little bit less weird and mental at the pub and a little more celebratory. So sorry... but I will be better by Friday I promise.