Went to Hawaii from March 15-20. Here's a quick recap:

Thurs: arrived 11:30, checked the luggage since it was too early to check in. Walked to Ala Moana Center (world's largest outdoor mall) for lunch and wander a bit. Then checked in, walked to Waikiki Beach and then had an expensive but mediocre seafood dinner at Chart House

Fri: 11:30 surfing lesson at Waikiki Beach. Stood up on the first try. Paddling out is hell when your only exercise the last 6 months has been typing and holding up heavy books. Got a sunburn, had a few wipeouts but all in all, very exciting. Went to Germaine's Luau that night. With 3 drinks, entertainment, and a free tote bag with playing cards, beach mat, and water bottle for booking online, it was sort of worth the $65 but probably won't go again. Here's a pic of the guys pulling the pig out of the ground where it had been cooking on hot rocks since 5am.

Sat: Honolulu Chinatown and Nuuanu Pali mountain where it's really windy and you can see an island called (grrrrrr) Chinaman's Hat. Got a massage at the hotel. Dinner at Odoriko Japanese Restaurant. Had a huge seafood hotpot we could barely finish. It was raining intermittently in sheets. Tropical rains are crazy.

Sun: Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay where it was kinda windy and rainy that day but the fish were beautiful and plentiful. Below is a picture of some chickens hanging out at Hanauma pecking and scratching at someone's belongings. That cracked me up. Took Simon out for a bday dinner at Tenaka of Tokyo East.

Mon: Pearl Harbor which was interesting. I almost lost it during the film when they said that fateful day was tragic but really "united America." Um, united white America maybe. There was absolutely no mention that they locked up all the Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor which forced them all to lose pretty much everything. In fact there was NO mention of Japanese internment at all. Anyways, went back to the beach that evening even though it was a bit chillier than it had been earlier that trip. Dinner at Aqua Cafe in Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Food sort of sucked.

Tues: hit the beach in the morning, got late check out, then visited Bishop Museum (below) and had dinner at Singha Thai. Flew out at 9pm

Good trip, wish it were longer and that it had rained less. I could've stayed there for a couple weeks easily.


Anonymous said...

Hey! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, minus the rain of course! I'm incredibly jealous, but glad you enjoyed your trip. Make sure you send me an update soon!


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